26 10 2014



Paying Interest On A Loan That Never Existed – TVNZ EXOSED

17 10 2014

In case the title of this video has you somewhat puzzled, might pay to educate yourself and watch the following.

WARNING! What you’re about to watch is DISTURBING and will most probably have your blood pressure go through the roof!!

Might make you think twice about buying a house?? Interesting too – “student loan = slave”

Did New Zealand Host NATO/US Military Exercise To Prepare For A Boots-On-The-Ground Attack On Syria?

15 10 2014

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

I am so very, very proud to announce that this article was placed on the front page News Scroll of Veterans Today yesterday. It was my first ever contribution to such a major Online News paper.

I will be speaking to Kevin Barret, one of the editors of Veterans Today and Radio host of Truth Jihad on No lies radio who accepted my submission, on his radio show which will air live at 2:00 PM New Zealand time. I will link to  the pot cast when it is archived.


In June 2012 the New Zealand Prime Minister and ex-Wall street banker John Key made a visit to Europe. He visited the Governor of the bank of England Sir Mervyn King, 10 Downing street and the Queen. He also visited the NATO headquarters where it was reported he signed a new “non binding” partnership.

While we know very little what…

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One in Seven Australians Living Below The Poverty Line

15 10 2014

I haven’t been posting as regularly these past few months, however there is definitely a lot going on around the world from Ebola outbreaks globally to ISIS.

I recently came across this interesting article, a little closer to home.

While everything seems to happening all around the world, all at once, let’s keep a close eye on our backyard.