Wage pressures all round

19 06 2013

Written by admin on June 18, 2013 – 8:27 pm 

On Saturday, the Herald Sun reported the average W.A. job seeker has experienced a fifteen per cent fall in hourly rates from the same time last year. The average hourly rate is now $51.6 a hour, down from $59.8 a year ago.

Geologists have seen the largest falls and can now expect $52 an hour, down from $71 last year. The hourly rate for an engineer has fallen from $80.40 to $70.70.

But it’s not only the mining and resources industry taking a hit.

Today, Car manufacturer Holden has given their staff the ultimatum – Take a pay cut, or suffer the same fate than Ford. This time last month, Ford announced it will close its manufacturing plants in Australia in 2016 with a loss of 1200 jobs.

In the announcement today, Holden Managing Director Mike Devereux said it costs $3,750 more to build a Holden in Australia than overseas. $2,000 is due to high labour costs.

» FIFO workers accept pay cuts – Herald Sun, 15th June 2013.
» Holden seeks worker pay cuts in Adelaide – The Australian, 18th June 2013.
» Holden warns of exit if pay cuts rejected – The Sydney Morning Herald, 19th June 2013.

Original: http://www.whocrashedtheeconomy.com/




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