John Key Massive Corruption Exposed, Alan Hubbard Conspiracy, Paul Carruthers

3 03 2013

Vinny’s NUTShell: Paul Carruthers
It’s been over a year since Alan Hubbard died under suspicious circumstances right before he was set to release evidence in court that implicated John Key and others in a massive defamation campaign and cover up of the truth about Canterbury Finance.

The conspiracy runs much deeper than most people realise, involving Justice Minister Simon Power who later became head of WESTPAC bank that does all the governments banking which incidentally was one of the prime beneficiaries of the SOUTH CANTERBURY FINANCE liquidation!
The media have also been called out with massive suspicion and criticism leveled at Bernard Hickey and Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury for their underhanded cowardly reporting of this story.

Interesting to note is the circumstances of his death, on a 2km stretch of straight road, in his own lane, while stopped, his car was slammed into by another driver who didn’t break until 10 meters before impact! Even then he didn’t die and was reportedly laughing and joking with nurses at Oamaru hospital with easily survivable injuries before he was helicoptered to Dunedin hospital, a 20 minute trip that he did not survive, with an autopsy that was “inconclusive” the details of which will not be released to the public.

This interview should scare and shock every New Zealander to the depths in which this nation has fallen, where people are presumed guilty till proven innocent, if it can happen to Alan Hubbard it can happen to anyone.
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