Let Us Spray – TV3 Documentary – Censored by NZ Television

21 11 2012

The TV 3 Expose censored from NZ TV. A must see for any member of the public, this doco covers the exposure of the Paritutu and New Zealand community at large to the chemical 2-4-5-T, manufactured at Ivan Watkins Dow in New Plymouth between 1962-1981, and the disastrous effects it had on those exposed.

Visit http://paritutuiwd.hostzi.com/ for more information.
Paritutuiwd is a community designed and operated site, dedicated to scientific archival documentation of this issue.

In my opinion…New Zealand and Australia are  always the Guinea Pigs for everything perverted and sinister in this world.  Definitely a must see Doco.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the generations of families affected by the exposure to this chemical.





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