The Holiday is Over: Official Unemployment Rises

17 10 2012

As expected, the official unemployment figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today showed a sharp rise in unemployment. According to the ABS, unemployment now sits at 5.4 per cent – a two and a half year high.

The key driver to the increase in the unemployment rate was a rise in the participation rate showing there are more people now participating in the job market.

Last week, we reported on comments from Roy Morgan suggesting the reason why unemployment was steady was due to retrenched employees taking holidays before attempting to re-enter the work force. It appears holidays could be over with more people trickling back into the job market and looking for work.

According to a Roy Morgan survey, unemployment sits closer to 10 per cent.

» Unemployment jumps on rising participation – The ABC, 11th October 2012.

Original Source: October 11,2012

Latest News regarding Economic affects, unemployment, slowdown and job losses in Australia….

Unfortunately, this is only a shadow of things to come.  Sadly, many families in Australia, New Zealand and globally are going to have a tight Festive Season this year, leading to an even tougher 2013 and beyond.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I have been trying to encourage readers to take control of their lives, education, finances, health and households.

Now would be a pretty good time to invest in yourself!  Educate yourself!  The internet has a plethora of resources and material to help “everyday Joe Bloggs” to understand what is really going on in our global economy, geo politics, potential war in the Middle East and the affects this all has on us here, downunder.  Furthermore, being able to hedge yourself, as best as you can to ride out what is going to be a pretty tough next 5 or so years.

Now, I’m talking “depression-like conditions”.  I don’t say this to alarm readers, but I won’t sugar coat issues to tickle ears either.

I am definitely not a “doom and gloomer”.  I consider myself to be a “realist”.  Like many people around the world that have been singing the same song for quite some time now, I believe in taking control of my own situation and helping those around me to begin to become more vigilant and open minded about the world we REALLY live in.

Notice I said, “vigilant”….not paranoid.

Don’t wait for mainstream media or the Government to begin to enlighten you, because they won’t!  And when they do decide to begin reporting “truth”, it may well be too late!

Take heed, have a look around the world at the moment…..Global famines, food prices rising, droughts, inflation, wars, riots…

One needs to take action now!  Check out  James Wesley Rawles shares great information from food storage, self sufficiency to gardening and home based businesses.

Become proactive now.  Tomorrow might well be too late!




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