Australian Economic Future- What to expect?

14 02 2012

Teleloans Sept, 2011

Video 2 – How will it affect Australians?

Video 3 – How to Prepare

I think the important point that Mr Swanepoel forgot to mention was to store food and water.  Yes, I totally agree about investing in precious metals to protect ones wealth, but you can’t eat your precious metals or your cash.

Food and water is what we all need for survival.  Inflation will most definitely hit, if not hyperinflation (in the case of the US and EU countries), and the price of food will be more expensive as compared to today’s prices.

With the threat of Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz to the Western world, this will definitely spike the price of oil, which means gas at the gas pump.

The price of petrol at the pump could rise anywhere from $2-6 a litre, overnight! That is the talk in the US at the moment. What price would Australians be paying?

Just imagine what these oil prices would do to the  trucking businesses who deliver our food to the supermarkets?  If they can’t afford the exorbitant petrol prices, what do you think will happen to the price of food?

I definitely agree with Mr Swanepoel to have cash on hand, in case of a bank run, to invest any extra cash into precious metals – but, in my opinion, we also need to store food items and water supplies for your families.  With thousands of Australians losing their jobs already this year, having to fork out money to buy food at higher prices, may already be a stress that some families could do without.

Like, I have been saying for a while now, we can prepare ourselves financially with cash and precious metals, but if we don’t have enough food and water in our homes to feed and sustain our families, all other preparations will be in vain.

As Mr Swanepoel alluded to, it’s better to be prepared, and either way, if things don’t turn out to be bad as predicted, (although, I believe that it will) then you haven’t lost out, in any way.

Take heed, have a look around and find out what is happening in the EU at present, keep an eye on Greece, the US and Chinese financial situations, and make the necessary precautions to protect your financial best interests and your families well being.

Check out some of the links on the my blog as you will find a lot of helpful information and material that can assist in educating you, your neighbours and friends….material that you won’t hear or see on television, that’s for sure!




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20 02 2012

For those on a VERY tight budget wanting to invest in silver, check out some op shops – the cutlery section 🙂 Tarnished silver spoons are often found there. Some are quite weighty too! Just make sure it doesn’t have EPNS stamped on it as these are worthless.

Also, 925 sterling silver jewelry – like necklace chains and stuff. Every little bit adds up!

21 02 2012

Hey thanks for that Scott! I will have to check out our local op shops. Great idea. Thanks for sharing and you’re right – every little bit adds up. Cheers

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