Aspartame is Made of GMO Bacteria Feces:

2 02 2012

As a mother, this topic definitely affects me.  To those that follow my blogs, this topic could be seen as steering in a completely different tangent from my other posts, but as a devout truth seeker, I sincerely believe that society needs to be educated about what Government agencies worldwide allow into our food supplies.

I encourage everyone to take the time to research for yourselves the ingredients of the foods that you and our family consume on a daily basis.  What are the additives and colourings? Where are they derived from?  What affects do these preservatives have on our bodies and minds?

We owe it to ourselves, and especially to our children, to find out what we are consuming from day to day.

Just as a responsible adult would not consider giving their child an illicit drug for breakfast, how is it any different from giving your child food containing dangerous and unknown additives and preservatives that can be deadly?

Aspartame in our food supply, fluoride in our water supply, chem trails in the sky…what else is the Government up too?

Part Two:




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