Tea Party Rally Canberra

20 11 2011

Joint Rally for Obamas Arrival, Australian Tea Party, C.A.T.A. (Consumers & Taxpayers Association) Malcolm Roberts & Mark Aldridge – Independent for South Australia.

This was in front of Parliament House, Canberra Australia

Obama visit november 2011, Signs were held up “NOBAMA” visible from the motorcade, we also had signs “TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY”.

There were speeches from CATA, about the carbon tax, and Mark Aldridge about civil rights / carbon tax, government corruption etc. Also rigged elections.

The Australian Tea Party
Government Corruption
Federal Reserve and US dollar standard / corruption

Appologies for the rough video editing, it was important to get the video up as quickly as possible as there has been almost a complete media blackout on this.



China’s Economy on the brink of collapse

12 11 2011



Original Article:The Epoch Times – Jane Lin and Alex Wu

Dated 8 Nov, 2011

Will be interesting to see the effect this will have on the Australian economy.

China\’s economy on the brink of collapse






Australian Economy collapse

12 11 2011

I strongly encourage all Australians to take a good look at what is happening with the Euro and the US dollar at the moment and take the time to put in place some strategies to help protect  investments, superannuation and your personal finances.

The collapse of the Euro is inevitable.  The green back collapse is inevitable.  The question that needs to be asked is when will the Aussie $$ head in the same direction?

Wisdom says to begin preparing your households because it’s only a matter of time now..




Australian New World Order Political Path to Tyranny Part 1

8 11 2011

Part Two: