Living Costs to Rise by $3000 In Next Year for Australians

13 06 2011

This article highlights the importance of Australian households  beginning to look at ways of cutting back on unnecessary expenses, and paying down debt in preparations for living costs, electricity, gas and water price rises around the corner.

For those of you that haven’t already begun to stockpile food, now is probably a good time to begin. With prices and taxes set to rise in Australia, families need to seriously look at their budgets and ways to cut back wherever possible.  And to begin buying staples in bulk. Sugar, flour, water, non perishables etc.

Planting your own fruit and vege garden wouldn’t hurt either.

The writing is on the wall now.  We should all be looking at ways where we can pay down as much of our personal debt as we can, and look at ways of living within our means.

If you have alot of clutter around your home or office, why not look at selling these goods online.  The extra cash could come in handy for purchasing things like generators, fishing tackle etc.  While the Government hasn’t taxed recreational fishing or heaven forbid banned it altogether, the ocean is a free source of nourishment for your family.  Especially when money is tight! At least you’ll know what waters your fish have come from…

It’s time to begin to look outside the square and blow the dust off your resumes and look at other skills you may have to offer the workforce, just in case, you may need to look for extra employment to supplement your current incomes. If however, you’re already working your fingers to the bone, then why not revisit any hobbies that you’re not had time for. Painting,  craftmaking, baking, candle making could bring in some much needed cash, and be quite relaxing at that.

Although we can’t prevent these kinds of things happening to our economy, (well we can, but that’s a subject I’ll leave for the economists to tackle) we can however, educate ourselves to weather the storm and make the most of a very unpleasant economic situation.

Living Costs to Rise by $3000 in next year








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