Queensland Prices Slump, Is Sydney Next?

30 03 2011

“I never get sick of hearing about the housing bubble…I can tell you one thing, property in Sydney is over priced to the hills!  Also I’m in the construction industry in Sydney and things are slowing down right now, very very fast indeed.  The next couple of months ar going to be hard to say the least”

“Go back three years and 97 out of 100 people would say that property prices never fall.  Today you are probably down to 80 out of 100 people.  Give it until the end of the year, and you’ll be closer to 60”

“It looks like Queensland may have sneezed and Sydney is about to catch a cold…next stop Melbourne!”

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Queensland Prices Slump, is Sydney next?




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30 03 2011
House Blueprints - House Blueprint 25007

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