America on radiation alert: Japan faces world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl as experts warn fallout may reach U.S.

16 03 2011

Last updated at 10:20 AM on 15th March 2011

America on Radiation Alert:

There has been a lot of conflicting information through the media regarding the nuclear reactors.  This is an in-depth report to help us understand the situation a little clearer.

Certain media in NZ and Australia are telling the public that the radiation won’t reach Australia and NZ because of the equator and so forth – but those of us that are aware of Chernobyl, will know that the wind carried the radiation around the world and affected people worldwide.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people in Japan who were killed and affected by this tragic event. And, unfortunately, will continue to be affected by the radiation leaks from these reactors.  I am totally blown away when I see the complete selflessness of the Japanese people shown.  The way they line up for supplies so orderly, even whilst holding children in their arms for hours on end.

They are such a disciplined people, who are always looking out for their fellow-man.  Concerned about the needs of others, before themselves. Furthermore, it was reported that there have not been any reports of loitering since the tsunami.  I only wonder whether that would be the case in some Westernised nations?

I also saw footage showing people who were staying in local school halls and how they had set up recycling bins for their rubbish. Even the mere thought of initiating something like this would be somewhat unheard of here in Western culture, I think. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry in life, in this rat race, that it’s all about me, myself and I.

These kinds of acts really make me think about how I would be, if faced with the same tragedy.

Would I practise patience, humbleness, tolerance and selflessness?  Could I give up my last piece of food to feed another person who needed it more than I?  Would I be able to care for those around me, and not just my immediate family?  Would I share my rationed supplies with a total stranger?

Times like these cause one to ponder the meaning of life…




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27 03 2011
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