Carbon Tax, Flood Levy…What Next Australia?

25 02 2011

In amongst the chaos and devastation of the Christchurch earthquake, Prime Minister Gillard ceases the opportunity to drop a bomb on the Australian public with the news of a Carbon Tax, set to commence July 1st 2012.

In a time when Kiwis and Aussies are grieving the loss of life and livelihood caused by numerous disasters that have hit our shores, Ms Gillard decides that this is the best time catch everyone off guard.  Especially after she specifically said in a pre-election interview that under her Goverance, there would be NO carbon tax!

This should be an indication of how much the current Australian Government is going to continue to look after it’s OWN interests, while enslaving the millions of hardworking. tax paying Australian families by “stealing” their hard earned money and breaking election promises. The opposition leader isn’t a much better option either, with a continual plight of “foot and mouth disease”. That leads me to my next point…

We, citizens of this nation of Australia, need to take a proactive stance on the decisions that affect our livelihood.  Whilst we flood our homes with filth from mainstream television, and accept the status quo – the Government continues to trample our constitutional rights and pass laws at their own leisure. Nothing but revenue raising, ludicris taxes.

Don’t get me wrong now, I care about the environment, I care about the future of the earth for my children and grandchildren, but honestly, someone please tell me how this tax is going to benefit the everyday Joe Blogs?  The companies that release the most carbons into the atmosphere will most definitely be given some kind of compensation, but where’s ours??

Let me break it down… we pay the tax. The big industries create all the pollution and pay for what they cause. Then the Government slips them a big cheque to compensate them (wink wink) for their troubles.

Thats lose lose for Australian citizens and the environment!  What is this carbon tax for again Julia?? Ah, thats right, just like bank loans…just another way to steal from the consumer.

What should we do about it?

  1. Begin to educate yourself. READ, READ and READ.
  2. Take a proactive stance with your Local parliament members.  Make them earn their 6 figure incomes
  3. Test Everything! Don’t believe what you read and hear from mainstream media. Look outside the square, ALWAYS.
  4. Have a look up – take notice of what is happening around the world.  What affects them, will eventually affect us!
  5. Find credible and reputable INDEPENDENT resources online etc and subscribe to their newsletters

With the recent speight of natural disasters to hit this nation, and NZ.  One must think about the economic effect to both these countries.  The NZ Prime Minister John Key is already throwing around the figure of $10billion for the recovery to Christchurch. He also said that NZ is well equip to deal with this expense.  My question is – where exactly does he think the money is going to come from? Especially with NZ hosting the Rugby World Cup this year in Sept?

My Kiwi brothers and sisters – let us just wait for the turnaround, just like Ms Gillard and her broken promise.  Lets wait and see what he has to say for himself in a couple of months when he slugs Kiwis with further taxes to cover his deficit.

Furthermore, oil prices stand at $111 US per barrel (as at 25/2/11).  The violence in the Middle East is going to push this price up further as time goes by.

Credible economists worldwide are predicting that the oil price could go high as $200 per barrel.  This means, in the US,  it could cost over $8.00 per gallon.  Don’t be surprised if the petrol in Aust reaches as high as $3-5 per litre in the very near future.  NZ is already paying $2.15 per litre in some places. Might be a good idea to invest in push bikes for your family.

My encouragement to you readers, is begin to stockpile staple foods.  Flour, rice, sugar, canned food, water etc.  Food prices are already beginning to rise. With oil prices rising, food prices are going to skyrocket. Obviously, because the value of the dollar is falling…  Last week, I visited a local green grocer who was charging $9.95 kg for Braeburn Apples.   This time last year, I could buy the same apples for $3.50kg in my neighbourhood. Unfortunately local growers and green grocers can not compete with the large supermarkets, so they have to charge these exorbitant prices to stay in business.

That leads me to my next point – grow your own veges and fruit. If you have a backyard, start your own garden.  If you live in a high rise, plant in pots. The best seeds to use are non hybrid or heirloom seeds.  You won’t find these at your local nurseries because these seeds are able to be replanted after the fruit grows.  You can use the seeds for 10+ years, over and over again.  The produce is sweeter, larger, more succulent and tasty. Ask your grandparents about them, they may still be using theirs.  Now you can see why nurseries carry very limited stock – because they don’t make any money from them. Hybrid seeds can only be used once, so when you plant and reap your produce, you need to buy more seeds.  This means more money for companies like Monsanto. (if you can get your hands on a video called “Food INC” watch it.  I guarantee you will never look at food the same way again.  Highly recommended!)

Have budgets for your families and discipline your yourselves to use extra money to pay down debt.  Word in the US and around the world is the US dollar is on the verge of collapse.  Have a look online and find out what this will mean for individuals all over the world.  The US dollar is the world currency – so yes, it will affect us here.

Long and short, take the time to educate yourself and find out what is going on around you, locally, nationally and internationally.  With technology in the 21st century, we have absolutely no excuse.  If not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren.

Topics of interest to research that affect Australians and Kiwis:




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